Welcome, travelers, to your refuge. Here you may assume a new role in a world far from this one, yet closer than you think. So sit down to rest your weary feet, and prepare to write a new story in a world all your own.
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 Absences and Returns

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PostSubject: Absences and Returns   Absences and Returns Icon_minitimeFri May 07, 2010 6:12 am

Post here if you plan on being gone for a week or longer. If you are involved in an active thread, please post here if you will be gone more than three days, and the admins will inform everyone involved with your thread. We do understand that things sometimes come up unexpectedly, however if you are gone for a month or longer without word or an adequate excuse, we reserve the right to suspend you or remove your name from the member list.

Please also post here when you are back. It isn't necessary but it is a courtesy to your fellow players to let them know that you are ready to start playing again.

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Absences and Returns
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