Welcome, travelers, to your refuge. Here you may assume a new role in a world far from this one, yet closer than you think. So sit down to rest your weary feet, and prepare to write a new story in a world all your own.
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 Little Runaway

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PostSubject: Little Runaway   Little Runaway Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 10:09 pm

My little runaway oh
how I do love you
Every time I try to
speak about issues at hand
you run from the words
and never come back to
the land to speak about

My little runaway oh
how I do love you
But you need to stop
running because all you do
when you run is let all
that frustration bottle

The reason it seems
things are fixed my
little runaway is because
we bottled all the frustration
away and the frustration will
come back in another way
sometimes my little runaway
it's best to brace the battle
till the storms calm

My little runaway that's how it
works, that's how words work
You scream
throw a tantrum
But then my little runaway
afterwards, after every feeling has left
we cry
and become stronger

So my little runaway
as much as I love you
I do not love the
actions you are taking
I do not love the actions
that have been taken
My little runaway
why do you keep running
It only causes more problems
than what would have been
an easy fix

My little runaway please don't run
when we scream
Because it means we are releasing
What has built after the last time
you ran
Please stop running
When we need to talk
And it's obvious we need to talk
It's obvious we need to let these
emotions out

So my little runaway it's time
to come back to the land
so we can
and riot because in the end
we will be crying, apologizing, and watching a movie
That's how it works if the friendship between
us is as strong as we like to think

I do not want our love to
turn into another bitter
story of betrayal
You said my little runaway
That you'd be there for me
Yet I don't see you here
You just ran out on me my little runaway

Little Runaway 19xx6w
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Little Runaway
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