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 Fragile Tension

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PostSubject: Fragile Tension   Fragile Tension Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 11:20 am

There is a fragile tension
that reads the future
that one day we
may collapse

At one point there
was magic in the
air, but leaving
these moments
when we are on
edge out on
the open

Only creates more
fragile tension
there is a strange
obsession that gets
us together, but we
finds ourselves falling
apart due to fragile
tension left out
to dry

It just sits in the
air and it stings the
breeze and makes
us feel toxic
don't you realize
that we shouldn't
be keeping this
fragile tension hanging

You of all people
should realize this
I feel that you are a
smart person, yet you
never seem to show them
when fragile tension appears

Don't you realize
we are only strong
if we move past our fragile tension
Can't you listen even if
fragile tension is in the air
We'll still be angry the
next day if fragile tension
is left

There is nothing logical
about our plans when
it comes to us
At some point we need
to discuss this
I read an article
that the strongest relationships
are ones with a arguments
and who stay in
the argument

Yelling is sometimes good
because it let's all out
the fragile tension
I have so many questions
none you'll answer if you
don't deal with our
fragile tension

Fragile Tension 19xx6w
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Fragile Tension
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