Welcome, travelers, to your refuge. Here you may assume a new role in a world far from this one, yet closer than you think. So sit down to rest your weary feet, and prepare to write a new story in a world all your own.
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 Mixing Bowl

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PostSubject: Mixing Bowl   Mixing Bowl Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 10:14 am

At the moment I
feel like a mixing
bowl so many ingredients
inside of me ready to
make a cake

The cake could be
good or bad, but right
now I'm a mixing
A lot of things
are going on around

A lot of things
are happening
a lot of people
are here beside me
but I wonder to
myself how many of
those people think I'm
important enough

Right now I feel
confused, there are
so many emotions
being mixed inside
I need the words of
your words to put
my agile tension
at ease

But instead you want
to run away from
my agile tension makes
me more filled with
confusing thoughts

There are things that
run through my head
at the moment
as I sit here like
a mixing bowl

Do you love me?
Do you care for me?
Are you really there for me?
Put my agile tension to
I don't like being the
mixing bowl

I want to turn these
emotions into a cake
wholesome and filled with
the truth
I need to know the truth
or else I don't know
any more

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Mixing Bowl
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