Welcome, travelers, to your refuge. Here you may assume a new role in a world far from this one, yet closer than you think. So sit down to rest your weary feet, and prepare to write a new story in a world all your own.
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PostSubject: Why   Why Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 1:47 am

It's not fair you
blame me
it's not fair you
point the finger
at me

When I have an
issue or concern
you turn your back
towards me and make
a spectacle about it
about how
its all about

But once could I
have you listen to
my point of view
without getting upset at

Once could you listen
to what I say
and not make it
all about you

Why is it so
wrong for me to
And so right for you
to run away?

I love you
but you're turning
into every one of
my ex's I hate to the
Listen to me
Quit being so anal
about everything

Is it so wrong
to ask that
I can talk about
how I feel without you
making it a concern
about you

Quit accusing and
putting words in my mouth
I did not say what you
said I said
I simply said
I was hurt
and betrayed

Why is this such
a big concept for
you to take
why do you run
away when
I want to talk
or when I feel frustrated

Its okay to take
your angry out on me
but I'm not allowed to
speak when I'm frustrated
why do these double standards exist?

I'm so tired of it
Do not become my ex
talk to me
Or lose me forever

Why 19xx6w
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