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 General Courtesy in Roleplay Topics

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PostSubject: General Courtesy in Roleplay Topics   General Courtesy in Roleplay Topics Icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 3:32 pm

The following are a few courtesy rules regarding roleplaying topics. They aren't strict rules and they will not be enforced, but they are helpful if you do decide to use them. Of course there can be exceptions to these rules too, so you will just have to use your own judgement case-by-case.

1. Put the date when you start a topic and when you are resuming a topic on a different day. When doing this use the date indicated in the Wayfarer's Calendar topic of the Quill End. This is for reference so that others can see when certain events happened.

2. Do not double-post unless the current date is different than that of your previous post. This is to give anyone who wants to a chance to respond. If you think of something else to add on the same day after you have already posted, just edit your post and add the new information on the bottom. You can do a page break or make some other indication that you have added more to the post if you like.

3. Do not put out of character chat or information on your in character posts. Doing so only clutters the topic and ruins the flow of the roleplay. If you want to talk about your topics, please do so here in the Meeting Center instead.

4. You can and should change topics with your characters when they travel. Travel requires going from one location to another, so it makes sense that your characters will go from one topic to the next or one section to the next. However, please make a note of it in the topic where you started so that anyone reading your post can see where your character has gone. The exceptions to this are when the location where your character is going to is close to where they already are, or when you are participating in a quest.

5. You can have NPCs in your posts, and do not generally have to give them profiles. However, if you have NPCs that follow your character or that your character meets frequently, you may want to attatch a brief profile for them underneath your character's profile. NPCs do not have to be approved, but they also do not get a coin bonus. Of course, if you decide to, you could make these NPCs into full characters by making a standard profile for them and having it approved.
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General Courtesy in Roleplay Topics
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