Welcome, travelers, to your refuge. Here you may assume a new role in a world far from this one, yet closer than you think. So sit down to rest your weary feet, and prepare to write a new story in a world all your own.
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 Thorns of Kings

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PostSubject: Thorns of Kings   Thorns of Kings Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 8:44 am

Among thorns there are kings
Kings of old earth
Kings of new earth
Kings trapped by earth
Yes yes, among thorns our king rise
Rise as the earth rises

Our kings their thorns
their crowns
their crowns made thickly
around their foreheads
to keep them from
ever leaving

The trees are so
demanding of our
earthen kings, demanding
they stay forever, forever
eternity till they die
till our kings are shown
that they are merely
mortal men

The animals are all so
needing of our
earthen kings demanding
feast at such belated times
with no further announcement
to important the animals believe
to important to announce their
arrival at the feast
or their ball

The other kings so
fickle and coy to one
another, breeding and seeding
hatred towards one another
our kings thorns show
as they see another's thorns
their weaves expressing
their every emotion

Yes among our thorns
lay our kings, new kings
old kings, kings of eternity, kings
of time

There are many
A many kings
But none so more
protective then the one
everyone sees at the corner
at the edge of the forest

Thorns of Kings 19xx6w
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Thorns of Kings
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