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 God and Goddess Information

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PostSubject: God and Goddess Information   God and Goddess Information Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 10:53 am

The religious system of this world is based on five gods and five goddesses. They will be explained very briefly in this first post. If you want to know more about them, scroll down and you will find more in-depth descriptions and brief stories about each one. (Those will be posted soon.)

The Elder Gods

Krogan- the earth god, brother to Arvital, husband to Yona, and father of Sethos and Thalassa. Cursed and sealed away in the underworld by his brother for angering him, he vows revenge when he finds the strength to break free.

Yona - goddess of fertility, sister to Zasime, wife to Krogan, and mother of Sethos and Thalassa. She ever mourns for her husband's plight, and each winter she leaves the world of the living while she searches for him in the underworld.

Avital - the god of death, brother of Krogan, husband to Zasime, and father of Lante, Celosia, Soren, and Parvana. Most hated and feared among the gods, he is the lord of the underworld, reaper of souls, and creator of foul monsters.

Zasime - the goddess of life, sister to Yona, wife to Avital and mother of Lante, Celosia, Soren, and Parvana. She gives life to all creatures, even those twisted ones her husband creates, for she loves him enough to sacrifice herself for him.

The Younger Gods

Soren - the god of water and the seas, son of Avital and Zasime, brother of Lante, Celosia, and Parvana, and lover of Thalassa. He was turned into a sea serpent by his jealous brother Lante, and now he is doomed to never hold Thalassa in his arms.

Thalassa - the goddess of the moon, daughter of Krogan and Yona, sister of Sethos, and lover of Soren. She is lusted after by Lante, but she always refuses him. For long ago she chose Soren his brother, and she will never abandon her love for him, no matter his form.

*Lante - the god of the air, son of Arvital and Zasime, brother of Soren, Celosia, and Parvana. He is the most vain and jealous of the gods, and his wrath is the storm. When he wars with his brother, he is blind to the destruction and death he causes to the mortals.

Celosia - the sun goddess, daughter of Avital and Zasime, and sister of Lante. She is the only one who is alone. She was once in love with a mortal, but through a cruel twist of fate it was her love that killed him. Never again will she come so close to the earth.

Sethos - the god of dreams, son of Krogan and Yona, and lover of Parvana. His mind is linked with mortals and immortals alike. His power was too great for him to reside freely in either world, so he stays in a trance deep within the forbidden Forest of Dreams.

Parvana - goddess of music and the arts, daughter of Avital and Zasime, and sister of Lante, Celosia, and Soren. She is the muse who sings in the minds and hearts of artisans. Whenever she sings, Sethos dreams, and whenever he dreams, she sings.

*Note Lante also appears as an eagle
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PostSubject: Re: God and Goddess Information   God and Goddess Information Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 5:00 pm

The gods and goddesses have images in their names as links. Go ahead and click their name to see their image.

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God and Goddess Information
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