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 All I Ever Wanted

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PostSubject: All I Ever Wanted   All I Ever Wanted Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 1:47 pm

Thee is all I want
Thee is my beloved
my one and only
non related sibling

I love thee
thee is all I ever
wanted, I have all
I want here in my

Its such pleasure
to be with thee
I love thee greatly
and am not afraid
to say that thee is
my friend

I want thee to come
back to me
because I love thee
as a friend, as a sibling
I never wanted to hurt

Words coming down breaking
the silence, they only do
harm sometimes, but please
please my beloved
realize I always loved thee
I always want to talk to thee
and I always view thee
as a friend

I'm sorry if I hurt
thee, all I wanted
was for us to
express who we are
as a person
I did not want these
words to harm thee
Nor did I want them
to harm me

Please my beloved, please
realize I love thee
And I'm sitting inside
my chair crying silently
because I love thee
so much and words
as what has thee
said has harmed
me greatly

Because that isn't what
I think at all

All I Ever Wanted 19xx6w
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All I Ever Wanted
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