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 Grapevines and Gossip

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Grapevines and Gossip Empty
PostSubject: Grapevines and Gossip   Grapevines and Gossip Icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 1:52 am

This is what the people are saying in the world today, for gossip carries qucikly throughout the lands, often even more quickly than truth:

Over all, many of the people of Vidonia couldn't care less about the goings on in Arvalice. In fact, the prospect of war has been a boon to traders, who have seen the prices of their merchandise rise. However, their king's failing health is a cause for concern. The prince does not seem himself lately, either. Perhaps he is just grief stricken over his father's illness though. Who knows. It is questionable though if he is ready to lead the kingdom when the time comes.

The people of Arvalice however seem up in arms and willing to go to war, as much with themselves as with Vidonia. The lack of a king and of any definate leadership are wearing on Arvalice's people. Laws are being broken, and the victims of these crimes are at a loss as to who they should turn to. The lords' hold over their subjects is tenuous at best, and nonexistant in some places. Mercenaries have risen to keep the peace. But whose peace? The peace of whoever is willing to pay the most money, of course.
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Grapevines and Gossip
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