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 On the Subject of Magic

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Magic is comprised of three broad categories: Physical, Spirit, and Soul.

Physical magic uses the physical energy of the castor, and results in changes in elemental and physical. This could be everything from manipulating elements in the environment to creating objects out of thin air. There are countless possible uses for this type of magic, and it is both the most diverse and easiest to begin. Someone with a natural talent for physical magic is easily tested, where it is more difficult to do so with the other categories.

Spiritual magic is spiritually - and emotionally - draining on the castor. and results on spiritual changes in a single target or a group. This could be everything from changing someone's mood to outright controlling a group by their emotions. It is also a source of healing and draining of energy. Healing energy speeds up the body's own natural processes so that the target is healed, and draining, or spirit poisoning as it is more often called is also possible.

Soul magic is by far the most difficult and the most devastating. The practice of it requires the castor to risk their very soul every time it is used. A novice would be able to bind a creature to themselves so that they could control it. A master of this art would supposedly be able to control life and death itself. For these reasons, study and practice of this magic are strictly forbidden in all of the kingdoms, as well as condemned by the Council of Sages themselves. There are rumors however that a few still exist who practice the forbidden art in secret.

Also, there are five tiers of magic rank and accomplishment. Depending on what categoty the mage is versed in, the ability will differ somewhat. Energy in the case of physical magic means elemental energy, in the case of spirit magic means spiritual/psychic energy, and in the case of soul magic means soul energy.

Below is a brief description of each tier, it's relevance to the different categories, and how long it takes to master each tier. Magic training is usually started around age 13. In parentheses is the average age of a mage who has mastered the tier. Elemental would take less time to master on average (70 years) than Soul magic (80 years).


Tier 1 - Novice - Manipulation - 3-5 years. (Completed at 16-18 y.o.)
Physical Magic - Sense and move elements and objects and change their size and shape somewhat.
Spirit Magic - Sense spiritual energy and alter the mood of others somewhat. Easily mastered but difficult to prove.
Soul Magic - Sense soul energy and manipulate weaker creatures to do bidding. Also sense if a person or creature is near death.

Tier 2 - Apprentice - Storing, Draining, and Enchanting - 5-7 years. (Completed at 21-25 y.o.)
Physical Magic - Store and draw elemental energy into and out of an object. Also includes enchantment, which is a permanent way of embuing elemental energy.
Spirit Magic - Blessing/Healing or Cursing/Poisoning a person or creature. Or, more accurately, giving or taking away their spiritual energy.
Soul Magic - Binding a creature to an object or to oneself, making them guardians or familiars.

Tier 3 - Adept - Transformation - 10-15 years. (Completed at 31-40 y.o.)
Physical Magic - Change one element into another or change the composition of an object.
Spirit Magic - Alter one's conscious mind, change a person's ways for a short time.
Soul Magic - Transformation of a soul. Extremely hazardous to both parties involved, and once set in motion can only be undone by the caster.

Tier 4 - Sage - Summoning and Teleportation - 17-23 years (Completed at 48-63 y.o.)
Physical Magic - Teleport object to a desired location. Summon elemental creatures.
Spirit Magic - Teleport a person or yourself to a desired location. Summon spirit energy.
Soul Magic - Scrying and psychic communication, summoning and manipulation of the very soul of a person or creature. Summoning and controlling of undead.

Tier 5 - Master Sage - Creation, Dispertion, and Combination - 29-37 years (Completed at 77-100 y.o.)
Physical Magic - Create objects and elemental energy from nothing, disperse objects or elements to destroy them, or combine them in ways not otherwise physically possible.
Spirit Magic - Create spiritual energy from nothing, break a person spiritually or drive them mad. or combine the spiritual energies of two or more entities to make them one.
Soul Magic - Create soul energy to revive a being, to literally steal souls, or to combine the souls of two or more beings into one. In combination with a master sage in physical and spirit energy, this sage could actually create creatures. Control over both living and dead.

Magic Rules:

1. You can not have more than three characters with magical ability. Only one of these can be sage level or higher, and only with moderator permission. However, NPCs do not count towards this number. You need special permission to play NPC parts.

2. To progress beyond novice stage, your character must have/have had a tutor at least one tier above them. After the game has started, any new characters without magical training would have to find a tutor to learn magic. No one is born with magic, and not everyone is born with the ability to learn it, either.

3. You can not skip tiers or have your character level faster than the average.

4. Sage and Master Sage level characters must become members of the Sage Council. The only exception to this would be Soul Magicians.

5. One magician can not take on multiple categories of magic. Any spell requiring more than one type of magic would thus require more than one magician.

6. Soul Magic is forbidden in the lands, but that does not mean it is not still practiced in secret. Soul mages would be imprisoned or killed if found out, so even if your character has these abilities it is wise to keep them hidden.

7. Perhaps most importantly, by using their chosen field of magic the magician takes on a risk relative to the type and power of their magic and their level of accomplishment. In other words, any type of magician can be harmed by their craft, and even die by their own hands if they are not prepared or adaquately trained to use a spell.
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On the Subject of Magic
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