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 The Current Events Between the Two Kingdoms

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The Current Events Between the Two Kingdoms Empty
PostSubject: The Current Events Between the Two Kingdoms   The Current Events Between the Two Kingdoms Icon_minitimeSun Apr 25, 2010 12:46 am

The first so hundred years of the alliance of the two Kingdoms Arvalice and Vidiona were on good terms. They were able to defeat invaders from other northern islands together. Both kingdoms worked balanced and fair. The alliance was strong and each kingdom seemed to be working hand in hand.
A few years ago or so the failures of trade began to divide the nation through distrust.

Their alliance with each other had began to break recently due to the lack of loyalty and trust between members after a necessary of sources scare. Like let's say by accident Vidiona accident traded sickly crops. And on the other end of the spectrum Arvalice traded off damaged goods. The bad trade between the kingdom called for the two monarchs to meet and talk about their struggle. Which ended up in bitter confrontation of the trading systems. And left a bitter taste between the two kingdoms as nothing was accomplished. I mean no more damaged goods or bad crops, but the verbal fight left the two kingdoms at odds.

The two kingdoms verbally fight for a couple years. And then Avalrice's king falls dead. The kingdoms are now charged and ready. And are blaming whomever they can for the king's death. And they are struggling to find an heir.
Both kingdom's are now putting pressure on their thrones as to find younger suitors for the kingdom's battles.
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The Current Events Between the Two Kingdoms
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